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PANTHER RIDGE FARM is a community-based initiative created to support families by designing meaningful outdoor experiences that develop capacities and skills in nature to encourage self-awareness and compassion with a sense of equity and responsibility for the Earth, their community and each other throughout their lives. We provide this service for all families in our community and your financial generosity helps make it possible that we never turn anyone away for lack of funds or appropriate equipment. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to ensure the equitable access to the outdoors remain open to all!


  1. Pay it Forward Gift Certificates (Theses gift certificates are used to augment the tuition of families that require financial assistance. This is one of the many ways we honor our core commitment to diversity, including economic diversity.

$100.00                 $75.00                    $50.00                    Other?

  1. Chicken Coop Building Project Materials – $500.00



We gladly accept new and used gear donations. However, before you make a donation, we ask that you consider the quality of the offering. PANTHER RIDGE FARM supplies our participants with the best recreational and camping equipment possible. We are committed to excellence and the families we serve deserve the best and this philosophy carries through with everything we do. We want to ensure that any equipment donated, matches the quality of the equipment we buy and loan to our participants. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to ensure the equitable access to the outdoors remain open to all!

Please see our wish list below and fill out the DONATE GEAR FORM, or contact us at or 626-437-2871 with your questions.


  1. Earth Organic Potting Soil, bag (20)
  2. Child Size Floral Shovels (6)
  3. 5 Gallon Bucket Organizer (6)
  4. ActionPacker container (6 boxes – one 48gal, two 35gal, one 24gal and one 8gal)
  5. Binders Needles (12 packs)
  6. Awl (4)
  7. Awl, Heavy Duty (4)
  8. Stockmar Beeswax Crayons, 16 Blocks (4 boxes)
  9. Stockmar Beeswax Crayons, 16 Sticks (4 boxes)
  10. Crayon Pouches (4)
  11. Crayon Sharpener (4)
  12. Stockmar Watercolor Paints – Set (4)
  13. Stockmar Watercolor Paints Set, Supplementary Colors (4)
  14. Waldorf Watercolor Paintbrush (10)
  15. Day pack, kids size (5)



All of the work accomplished at PANTHER RIDGE FARM is done collectively with the help of staff, family members, volunteers and future or past program participants completing work-trade hours. This day to day support helps keep our programs affordable. Our whole family participates in equipment management, fundraising support, program logistics, safety, training and educational support. Volunteers are important as they help our financial and physical resources go farther so that we can reach more families. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to ensure the equitable access to the outdoors remain open to all!

We are always looking for volunteers with a desire to learn and be a party to improving our community. Please fill out the VOLUNTEER FORM, or contact us at or 626-437-2871 with questions.


  1. February/March Chicken Coop Barn Raiser (date TBA)10 volunteers